Zoom:1 IE Fix

After playing around with the layout and jQuery for a while, Internet Explorer 8 was really pissing me off. Everything that worked in Firefox, Safari Chrome didn’t work properly in Internet Explorer 8. I wonder why that browser is still around… Anyhow, I later found a quick solution that can fix most of the IE problems, and that’s the zoom:1 fix! All you need to do is add the following line to your css:

1div {
2    zoom: 1; 

And just that like, every problem that I was having disappeared. I can’t really explain why, and apparently neither can this blogger. But the point is, use it and save yourself some trouble. Microsoft, when are you going to figure it out…?

Webby Tricks - JQuery

Since I’ve had such a positive experience with Webby, I’ve decided to blog a little about some stuff I’ve figured out when using webby. I know there are some amount of tutorial I’ve found only for Webby, so I’ll try to not repeat a lot of them. When I constructed this blog using webby, I wanted the dates to be in the format of “2 minutes ago” or “1 month ago,” instead of absolute dates. This cannot be achieved by using webby alone, since these dates can only be changed when the website is build. Thus, a little java script magic is needed. JQuery is a javascript library that allows plugins and has several AJAX functions. In particular, I’m using the Timeago plugin for JQuery. What this javascript does is turn any date you wish on your page into the “timeago” format. It also auto updates itself, so it’s perfect to be used with webby. First you want to follow the links above and download both the plugin and JQuery (go ahead and get the min version). In your main layout page (in the layouts folder), add the following lines between the <head> tags:

Birthday Freebies!

My wife and I have the exact same birthday. So every year around this time I start looking for free stuff for our birthdays. Last year was perfect, because Disneyland was giving free admission on your birthday, so my wife and I gladly got to go to Disneyland together, both for free =D. This year although Disneyland isn’t free on birthdays anymore, there are still a lot of places that offer free stuff on birthdays! This day is becoming the day my wife and I go around and get free stuff! Here are some that I’ve used:

You can definitely find more online, or you can go here. Please post some other good ones if you know of any.

Crawling up the Ranks

Finally, I’m back at the first hit when you google “isaac liu”. Because of all the webhost changing and redesigning of my page, my page rank started dropping, until eventually my site completely disappeared from google search when querying “isaac liu”! I did some researching and found out that by using the < meta refresh = "" > tag to do redirection, my page rank took a penalty, and maybe even prevented the google crawler to index my site. This is because normal spam sites use this method to redirect people to their spam sites. Thus, I went out to find how to do redirection the correct way, which was using 301 permanent move. What that means is, the http code that’s sent back to the requesting client should be 301, which means “permanently moved site.” The < meta refresh="" > method sends back the code 200, which means “Request OK,” and then later does the redirection. That is extremely not search engine friendly. To change this required tweaking of the .htaccess file on my web host, which is using the UC Berkeley EECS department’s webhost. If your curious, i added the following code to my .htaccess file:

1RewriteEngine on
2RewriteRule  ^index\.html$  /~liuisaac/site/ [R=301,L]
3RewriteRule  ^$  /~liuisaac/site/ [R=301,L]

This uses the Apache mod_rewrite engine to rewrite all incoming requests to index.html (line 2 and 3) to the “site” subdirectory. Now all requests will be forwarded and the header message sent back will be 301 (specified by R=301 ), which is search engine friendly. Low and behold, I am back atop the google search for “isaac liu”! If you are using < meta refresh="" > to do redirection, and don’t know why your page isn’t showing up on google, this might be the reason! A more indepth tutorial on mod_rewrite can be found here.

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